Game Data

I have been working on a new app that I had churning around in my brain for quite some time. Game Data will track game usage by sessions (from open to close) and grab CPU + Memory usage + Clicks + and all kinds of other data and display it to the user. Game Data will also have capability of uploading the data to my server for crowdsourced Game Data.

Current Release: beta

Game Data



 + 2.0 - Stable release with new icons
 + TBD - User Input monitoring for games (keyboard and mouse activity, will allow for accurately tracking idle time also)
 + TBD - Temperature sensor readings thanks to Open Hardware Monitor
 + TBD - Multiple stat reports by day, week, month, year
 + TBD - Update stats in realtime while game is running (requested by Darren)
 + TBD - Send data to server so I can begin work on the website
 / TBD - Columns need custom sorter functions to properly be sorted
 / TBD - Finish print report
 + TBA - Simple achievement system
 + TBA - Will now display a message when games Minimum and Maximum Session Time changes (toast notifications)
 + TBA - Welcome screen on first start
 + TBA - Game grouping for mutliple process sectioned games (requested by Darren)
 / TBA - Installer and portable releases (with an autoupdater that supports both)
 / TBA - Independent game settings (for different game session thresholds, etc.)
 / TBA - Thread self updater check (was giving me problems)
 / TBA - Fix Calendar display issues
 / TBA - If to many games played on one day Calendar will not list them all because they do not fit - TBA - Much needed fixes and improvements
 / When renaming a Supported Game it will properly change the name in the list (thanks to Darren)
 / Fixed issues when no data is present, in turn fixes NullReferenceException on exit (thanks to Darren)
 / Fixed issues when looking at sessions or info of a game that has "Never" been played (thanks to Darren)
 / Fixed issues when adding a Supported Game while open and then closing the game (thanks to Darren)
 / Fixed Calendar not showing current month upon opening (thanks to Darren)
 / Fixed CPU and MEM usage not being tracked
 / Will properly Start Hidden now
 / Minor improvements and UI changes - 12/12/2012 - Small fix
 / Fixed crash when game would start again - 12/12/2012 - Program is way to untested/unfinished each time
 + Close to Tray setting
 / Setting Collection Resolution to 0 will now disable data colection (probably the most intense part of GD, even though its not much)
 / Weekly Averages fixed
 / Fixed Calendar crash
 / Add Supported Game form now scales when you stretch it
 / Settings form redesigned (tabbed)
 / Medium logic and UI improvements - 12/5/2012 - Adding some features
 + Calender Report (see how much time on specific days, or a set of days)
 / Double clicking a game will now take you to sessions - 12/4/2012
 / Fixed Start Hidden/Minimized bug (crossthread silent crash) - 12/3/2012 - Bringing us together as a community!
 + Adding supported game sends the data to my server adding to a public list, list is downloaded on startup (if newer version exists)
 + Collection Resolution setting, the interval at which GD will collect data on the process, can now be adjusted in the Settings form
 / Improved and finished Game Info
 / GameDatabase has been rewritten, sessions cached in memory for 2 minutes then released (lower memory usage when not viewing sessions)
 / Instead of showing "7 Days Ago" it will show "1 Week Ago", and "1 Month Ago" respectively
 / Sessions Manager now groups sessions by each month of every year
 / Improved self updater, added checking for updates every hour now
 / When a supported game is removed and it is currently tracking it will close the session
 / Supported Games right click menu now works as intended
 / Major logic, memory, and performance improvements
 / Medium UI fixes and improvements - 11/20/2012 - One more fix
 / Fixed crash when adding a new Supported Game - 11/19/2012 - Small fixes
 / When adding a new game all letters would be lower cased, this is fixed
 / Supported Games remove and edit crashes are now fixed
 / Supported Games edit logic fixed
 / Minor logic and UI improvements - 11/15/2012 - Reducing crashes to zero (with new crash handler)
 + Ability to combine two sessions (incase the game crashes, etc.)
 + Ability to manually add sessions (small things UI will be fixed with GameDatabase rewrite)
 + Added unhandled exception reporter (CrashReporter.NET -
 / Moved things around into the Reports top menu (Stats from right click game menu is now Daily Averages)
 / Fixed when game is added to list it will now properly say Right Now under Last Played like intended
 / Fixed crash on new day
 / Fixed recalculation when removing a session (I didn't update like half of the fields, I must of been stoned)
 / Medium logic, UI, and usability improvements
 / Minor performance improvements - 11/8/2012 - Should of been in 1.5
 / Finished Game Info form
 / Fixed crash when removing game
 / CPU usage calculation tries to be more accurate with time (did not help much)
 / Medium logic, memory, and performance improvements - 10/23/2012 - First beta and installer
 + Installer
 + Autoupdater
 + Counter (Two modes: Countdown and Elapsed Time)
 + Windows Vista+ taskbar features (state and progress)
 + Proper thanks to projects and communities that made Game Data easier
 + Now you can remove sessions in the Session Manager
 + Print for games list view (work in progress)
 / Reset button in Settings form now works
 / Major logic and data handling improvements
 / Medium memory and performance improvements - 10/10/2012 - Beginning of the good stuff
 + Added support for handful of games
 + Game Info (placeholder so far)
 + Working Set (physical RAM usage) and CPU Usage for each session
 + Session Manager (view and edit your individual sessions) (incomplete)
 + New icons
 / Improved Game Watcher logic to reload when supported games/games.ini is edited
 / Further sanitizing file names to fix specific errors
 / Rewrote and improved time to string conversion
 / Major logic, UI, usability, and performance improvements - 10/5/2012 - Second alpha
 + Only one instance of Game Data may exist from now on
 + Last Session Time
 / Memory objects rethought and removed unnecessary one time calculation entries (noticeable memory decrease)
 / Default data for new entries ("0s", "0", etc)
 / Last Played conversion logic fixed to include already elapsed hours in current day
 / Medium logic, memory, and performance improvements - 10/2/2012 - First public alpha
 + Daily Averages for sessions and time (it will not count days without any sessions)
 + Graph for sessions and hours on a day (Game Stats)
 + Now remembers Game Stats form size and position
 + Now saves list view column size and position
 / Fixed error when closing Settings form
 / Fixed Session count logic for session start and finish
 / Fixed minimum time, on first session it didn't get set
 / Minor logic, usability, and performance improvements - Slight public exposure with mixed internal revisions
 / Major rework, no specific changes recorded - Not released to public
 + Initial working revision

9 thoughts on “Game Data

  1. Seems to be a great app, but it never worked for me. (never recorded a single session)
    it also triggers vac security on steam. (tried with Left4Dead 2)

    Can’t wait to see some updates. :)

  2. This program seems like it would be extremely helpful to me, and many others. I have been looking for a program that will help me see how long I truly spend on video games in a simple way, and there seems to be NONE. If you can finish this, and distribute it, I feel like it would be very successful!

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